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What We Do

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Performing Arts Trips

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to stay in midtown Manhattan and experience the life of a Broadway performer. This trip includes Workshops at a New York Studio where students will learn from Broadway performers, directors, choreographers, and much more! This even includes Broadway shows!

Showtime Costumes

We design and construct costumes for various Theatre Shows, Cosplay, and Special Occasions. Each costume is customized and unique to help bring out the personality of each character. We are also able to do individual costumes and entire theatre shows as well. Hats, Gloves, bags, stage props, and accessories are all possible from our team!

Workshops & Lessons

Workshops and lessons that are led by industry experts. Students will learn about vocal techniques, character analysis, lyrical analysis, stage presence, and even how to perform on Broadway! We can customize our workshops and lessons based on the student’s needs and the overall budget.

Meet Our Owner

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Terri Schafer is a Master Teacher, Music Director, Accompanist, Costume Artist, Broadway Intensive Coordinator. She is passionate about the performing arts and loves helping her students develop their skills. She leads trips to New York where her students learn new techniques in acting, dancing, and singing. She also offers music and theatre workshops as well as private lessons. In addition, she designs and creates custom costumes for theatre performances, events and special occasions.

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