Workshops & Lessons

Music Theatre Workshops

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We will customize our workshops to your budgets and needs and we are able to do workshops at your location. Yes, we will come to your studio or school! Typically we end the workshops with a scholarship concert where a portion of the funds received goes to the school department and Showtime will receive a portion. We also have special trips to New York that can be paired with these workshops.

Private lessons

In addition to the workshops we offer, we also provide private lessons. During our New York Intensives private lessons may be scheduled. To do this, sign up on the registration form for the Intensive trip! Locally, in Florida, Ms. Schafer teachers voice & piano lessons. Please contact us to enroll in lessons.

Private Voice Lessons

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With a BA in Visual and Performing Arts, Master’s in Music, K-12 Public Teaching Certification, and NBPTC (National Board Professional Teacher Certification), Ms Schafer has used her passion for music theatre to help students of all ages discover their own singing magic. Her philosophy is “If you can speak, you can sing!” Singing is a continuation of the speaking voice, with extended breath support and Ms. Schafer will help students of any age discover the joy of singing.

Student instruction helps explore natural technique and the use of the body in producing beautiful singing.  Music reading is a part of the lesson and diverse styles are geared to the individual’s preference. Bel canto expressive singing is the basis for individual technique work as students explore strengths and weaknesses.  Students will explore various styles of age appropriate literature with a focus on Music Theatre. Each student will also work on a simple Italian aria to focus on vocal technique.  Ms. Schafer’s students will develop and expand their working “notebook” with audition pieces, memorized pieces, recital pieces and music that is just “fun to sing.”

Prices range from $30 to $100 depending on time and level of study.

Terri Singing

Showtime Music Theatre and Voice Workshops

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Performing Arts Education is behind everything we do at Showtime Productions.  If you can speak you can sing, if you can move you can dance and we all are actors every day of our lives.  To offer classes, workshops or private lessons is a joy and passion. Individual goals and techniques are given to each student.   Group classes and workshops focus on audition techniques, vocal production, characterization, and the joy of performing. We travel around the country and create instruction specific to your needs. Contact us for additional information and to discover your performance goals.

  • How to warm up your own voice
  • Breath support and core use
  • Using the body and breath to project lines and lyrics
  • Learn how to tell the story and engage your audience
  • Character Analysis refine your skills at finding the backstory and
  • use it in your performance

Age appropriate literature and finding the songs that fit your personality.

How to use gestures and emotions that come from the lyrics

  • How to ‘get the job’ in the first 20 seconds
  • Slating – introduce yourself – be concise and complete with a smile
  • Accompanists should be your best friend
  • Mock auditions
  • There will be both individual and group practice of vocal interpretation and audition techniques
  • There will be a performance for parents at the end of the workshop
  • Students should come prepared with a 1-2 minute song (at least 32 bars)   
  • Please have your song selection memorized
  • Bring music for your accompanist